Surströmming Canned Fish: Sweden Funky Fermented Fiesta

Canned fish isn’t just about tuna anymore. From Surströmming Canned Fish, crab meat to sardines, canned seafood is making a comeback. Especially among the environmentally conscious millennials.

Surströmming Canned Fish: Funky Fermentation Trends

Surströmming Canned Fish: Sweden Funky Fermented Fiesta

Fermented foods are having their moment too. People are falling in love with the unique flavors and health benefits of sauerkraut, yogurt, and pickles. Imagine combining the craze for canned fish with the love for fermentation – that’s where Surströmming, a Swedish specialty, steps in.

Surströmming Canned Fish: The Stinky Fish Challenge

Surströmming isn’t a shy fish. It’s often the star of online videos in the “Stinky Fish Challenge.” Brave souls test their senses to see if they can handle the potent smell. Fans promise that beyond the stink, there’s a flavor explosion waiting for those with a daring palate.

Surströmming Canned Fish: How It’s Made: A Smelly Journey

The journey of Surströmming begins with Baltic herring, one of the most sustainable fish. Packed in barrels with brine, the fish undergo lactic acid fermentation. After a few months in barrels, they’re canned, but the journey doesn’t end there. The cans ferment for another six to 12 months, causing them to bulge and bloat.

The Smell Test

Ready to crack open a can of Surströmming? Hold on! The smell is not for the faint-hearted. Opt for open spaces; the great outdoors is the best. Once the can is open, brace yourself for an umami bomb with a salty kick. The lactic acid fermentation gives the fish a cheesy twist, reminiscent of gruyere or brie.

Surströmming Canned Fish: The Swedish Surströmming Feast

Swedes rarely eat Surströmming straight from the can. It’s served on thin flatbread with a medley of toppings: sour cream, sliced potato, red onion, dill, chives, and butter. The drink of choice? Crisp, light beers or akvavit, a caraway seed-flavored spirit. It’s a feast for the adventurous!

Health Benefits and Bravado

Surströmming isn’t just about bravado; there are health benefits too. It’s rich in protein (11.8%) and, being a fermented food, it packs additional beneficial properties. Nutritionists emphasize the importance of fermented foods for a well-rounded and “active” diet, despite their pungent flavors.

The Making of Surströmming

The process begins with herring caught in the Baltic Sea, brined, and then fermented for weeks. Canning starts in July, with the fish fermenting in the cans, causing them to bulge. The longer the bulge, the stronger the smell. That’s why most people prefer to open the cans outdoors.

Serving Up the Funky Fish

Surströmming is presented with care, looking better than it smells. Delicate slices on crispbread or flatbread, topped with onion, sour cream, potatoes, and dill. Don’t forget the snaps (a strong spirit) to cleanse the palate after the unique Surströmming experience!